Publications & Presentations

On this page you will find the publications and presentations associated with the Trading Consequences project. These reflect the varied areas of practice associated with the project: history, environmental history, informatics, data mining, visualisation technologies, geospatial data, etc.

  • Hinrichs, U., Alex, B., Clifford, J., Quigley, A. 2014. Trading Consequences: A Case Study of Combining Text Mining & Visualisation to Facilitate Document Exploration. In Proceedings of DH2014. [Abstract]
  • Alex, B. and Burns, J. 2014. Estimating and Rating the Quality of Optically Character Recognised Text. In Proceedings of DATeCH 2014, Madrid, Spain. [Paper, Presentation]
  • Klein, E., Alex, B., Clifford, J. 2014. Bootstrapping a historical commodities lexicon with SKOS and DBpedia. In Proceedings of LaTech 2014 at EACL 2014. Gothenburg, Sweden. [Paper, Presentation]
  • Alex, B. 2014. Enabling Digital history: Text mining big historical document collections on trade in the British Empire. Invited talk at the PQIS All Team Meeting, ProQuest, Cambridge, April 23rd 2014. [Presentation]
  • Hinrichs, U., Alex, B., Clifford, J. 2014. Data mining uncovers 19th century Britain’s fat habit. In The Conversation, 3rd April 2014.
  • Klein, E., Alex, B., Grover, C., Tobin, R., Coates, C. Clifford, J., Quigley, A., Hinrichs, U., Reid, J., Osborne, N., and Fieldhouse, I. 2014. Digging Into Data White Paper: Trading Consequences, March 2014.
  • Coates, C. 2014. Round Table on Implementing Active Digital Humanities Environmental History Projects. American Society for Environmental History. San Francisco, 13 March 2014.
  • Alex, B. 2014. Trading Consequences. Invited talk at the Scotland’s National Collections and the Digital Humanities workshop. 14th of February 2014. [Presentation]
  • Klein, E. 2013. Bootstrapping a historical commodities lexicon with SKOS and DBpedia. Scottish Linked Data Interest Group Workshop. Aberdeen, UK, 2 December 2013.
  • Alex, B. 2013. Data mining in the Humanities. Digital HSS Seminar. University of Edinburgh, UK, 19 November 2013.
  • Alex, B. and Clifford, J. 2013 Trading Consequences: Text mining for 19th Century Global Commodities [Presentation]. Digging into Data Meeting. Montreal, Canada, 12 October 2013.
  • Alex, B. 2013. Identifying Trends in Commodity Trading in the Nineteenth Century British Empire. Invited talk at the Centre of Canadian Studies, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, 17 October 2013.
  • Alex, B. 2013. Finding Commodities in the Nineteenth Century British World. Talk at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies. York University, Toronto, Canada, 11 October 2013.
  • Clifford, J., and C. Coates. 2013. Text mining Canadian commodity trades and environments: Results from the “Trading Consequences” project. Seventh European Society for Environmental History Conference, 20-24 August, 2013, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich.
  • Alex, B., Byrne, G., Grover, C. and Tobin, R. 2013.  Adapting the Edinburgh Geoparser for Historical Geo-referencing. Digital Texts and Geographical Technologies Symposium, Lancaster, UK, 9 July 2013.
  • Coates, C., and J. Clifford. 2013. Computer-assisted research in large data sets: The lessons of ‘Trading Consequences.’ Canadian Historical Association, Victoria, 3 June 2013.
  • Coates, C., Clifford, J., Alex, B. and Hinrichs, 2013. U. Mining Big Data: Introduction to the Trading Consequences System. Canadian History and Environment Summer School 2013. Nanaimo, Canada, 1 June 2013.
  • Alex, B. 2013. Digital History and Big Data: Text mining historical documents on trade in the British Empire [Presentation]. Invited talk at Digital Scholarship: Day of Ideas 2. Edinburgh, Scotland, 2 May 2013.
  • Clifford, J. Trading Consequences: Text-mining Two Million Pages in Search of the Environmental Impacts of Nineteenth-century Commodity Trades. Poster Presentation. American Society for Environmental History, Toronto. 3-6 April 2013.
  • Clifford, J. and Coates, C. Research Roundtable on Text Mining. How to Build a Macroscope: text-mining the humanities. 15 March 2013
  • Clifford, J. and Coates, C. Text Mining for the Nineteenth-Century Commodity Trade. 5th Annual Victorian Studies at York Symposium, 19 October 2012.
  • Clifford, J. “Fats of the Land: A Global Environmental History of London’s Soap and Candle Industry”. Presented at the North American Conference on British Studies, Montreal, 9 November 2012.
  • Alex, B., Bristow, T., Clifford, J. Coates, C., Fieldhouse, I., Grover, C., Hinrichs, U., Klein, E., Llewellyn, C., Osborne, N., Quigley, A., Reid, J. and Tobin, R. 2012. Trading Consequences [Poster]. SICSA Demofest, Edinburgh, 6 November 2012.
  • Alex, B., Grover, C. Klein, E. and Tobin, R. 2012. Digitised historical text: Does it have to be mediOCRe? [Paper]. Proceedings of KONVENS2012 (First International Workshop on Language Technology for Historical Text(s)), 19-21 September 2012, University of Vienna.
  • Clifford, J., Hinrichs, U. and Klein, E. 2012. Text Mining for the Nineteenth-Century Commodity [Presentation]. AHRC Commodity Histories Project Networking Workshop 1, 6-7 September 2012, Open University London Regional Centre, London, UK.
  • Alex, B., Grover, C. Klein, E. and Tobin, R. 2012. Exploring Challenges of Mining Historical Text [Extended abstract and presentation]. Open Repositories 2012 Workshop: Working with Text – Tools, Techniques and Approaches for Data, 9 July 2012, University of Edinburgh, UK.
  • Grover, C. 2012. Trading Conferences [Presentation]. JISC GECO Geospatial in the Cultural Heritage Domain – Past, Present & Future event, London, 7 March 2012.

Guest Blog Posts

Here you will find blog posts which members of associates of the Trading Consequences project have written either as invited guest authors or as part of their own research blogs:


The project also has a presence on GitHub where you will be able to access some of the open source code associated with the project:

Press & Mentions of the Project

You can find others’ publications, press, and notable blog mentions of Trading Consequences on our Press page.

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