The Corpus

Collection # of documents # of images/pages
British House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (ProQuest) 118,526 6,448,739
Early Canada Online ( 83,016 3,938,758
Kew Gardens Directors’ Correspondence  24,765 not applicable
Confidential Prints Collection: Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and North America (Adam Matthew Online) 1,315 140,010
Subpart of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Collection (JSTOR) 1,000 41,611
Selected books related to commodity trading in the 19th century (Various sources, mostly found via Internet Archive) 306
Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange (Gale)* 30,266 About 900,000

* Note: This last collection was prepared for text mining but was not included in the final round of processing and is therefore not included in the Trading Consequences database.

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